How To Source Fabrics For Your Fashion Product [Webinar]

Would you like to learn the best practices on how to source fabrics for your fashion product?

Watch now the FREE webinar on How To Source Fabrics For Your Fashion Product with our Content Manager Lilian Marino and Boaz David, founder of Human B, a fashion business consulting firm whose mission is to guide fashion brands of small to medium-sized from product development to production, so brand owners can grow their companies with peace of mind.

This webinar is the result of a new partnership between Human B and Digifair, a demand-driven platform for sourcing fabrics worldwide. How To Source Fabrics For Your Fashion Product will show you the best practices for sourcing materials for your collections, plus tools and insider tips from two fashion professionals with expertise in fashion business consulting for the industry.

How to put your fabric and material demands in the centre of suppliers’ attention, and how to do that globally? See how technology can be used to connect fashion buyers and suppliers all over the world.


Ready to discover all the secrets of fabric sourcing?

The Digifair team

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