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Apr 10, 2020
Daily Esports, like all other sites under the Enthusiast Gaming umbrella, strives to provide gamers across the world with a welcoming and accepting place to share their appreciation for the medium.

For that to happen, we have to ask each and every one of our community members to chip in and do their part to make that goal a reality.

First off, we ask you to remain civil and respectful to other users, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, or background. Even if you're discussing a divisive topic such as a recent balancing patch or Star Wars, it's possible to try and get along.

Going with this theme of respect, we won't under any circumstance allow the use of slurs or language intended to target or denigrate any group of people.

To get a little serious, here; we will under no circumstances tolerate any form of harassment (including death threats) or doxxing within our community. Just no.

While some may argue that a truly talented comedian could make a great joke about almost any subject, most people probably shouldn't try. Due to this, we disallow posting anything making light of a more sensitive topic such as sexual assault or abuse.

Arguments are a natural and inevitable part of any community. It sucks, but we get it. But there's a huge difference between an otherwise civil discussion that gets a bit heated and someone intentionally causing drama. Baiting people into an argument or deliberately provoking other community members is something that we simply won't tolerate here.

And yes, there's also a difference between deliberate provocation and someone who simply has a divisive opinion. You're more than welcome to express yourself, so long as you're not targeting anyone else.

Daily Esports is also not interested in your collection of porn and gore. Please take it elsewhere.

Snark aside, it may sometimes be contextually relevant for someone to post something a little more risqué or violent, such as an image featuring revealing character skin in a video game or a .Gif from Mortal Kombat. In these cases, we ask you to please warn people and to hide the content behind spoiler tags if at all possible. Even then, there are limits to what we'll allow.

Speaking of spoilers; yes, you're allowed to discuss them here. But again, spoiler tags and adequate warnings. They exist for a reason.

Spam sucks. It should go without saying that automated spam posts are going to be nuked from high heaven. But alongside that, we may treat users who primarily post on Daily Esports to promote themselves without any real interaction otherwise as if they're spamming.

If it's contextually appropriate, we'll let you showcase your works. And if you're here mostly to hang out with others on this site and just happen to have something worth showcasing, that's fine. But there's a huge difference between those examples and someone shilling their wares.

Something that should also be obvious; obey the law. We also won't play host to pirated content such as games or movies, or links to them. Encouraging others to pirate, or bragging about piracy is also not acceptable here.

Speaking of the law, if you're under an NDA, please don't post anything that might breach it on Daily Esports. Even if you're part of a closed beta that you're really excited about, if there's an NDA in place, we ask you to please respect it.

Finally, medical advice is best left to professionals. For the health and safety of our community, we ask you to please not dispense medical advice to others, even if you have the best of intentions.

Oh, and please don't impersonate staff members, or claim to be representative of the site.

These terms of service exist so that we can make Daily Esports as welcoming and accepting as possible. We want to create a community where any one of any background can come and freely be themselves, and to express their ideas.

In short, we ask you to simply be mindful and respectful of each other. If we're all on a gaming and esports-focused site, we probably have at least a few shared interests, after all.
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